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Pressed Between the Pages [LOCKED]

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Pressed Between the Pages [LOCKED] 7

Pressed Between the Pages

by Voldemortimer » April 03, 2017 08:50 PM

Last Edited: April 10, 2017 10:04 AM

Here is my attempt at writing Skyler's self-insert fanfiction. Warning: The only writing I have experience with is writing persuasive essays. This is not a persuasive essay.

There she stood at the edge of the tatters, beaming, and looking the happiest you had ever seen her. In all the romance books you have read, the main character feels butterflies when they look at someone they love, or they feel warm inside and laugh sweetly or sing their praises. The only thing you felt then was light headed. The only sound you managed was pathetic, a strangled sounding screech that you are embarrassed to say was noticed by everyone around you.

When you first met Skyler, there was an instant connection. You enjoyed her quiet presence and love of reading. After weeks of gifting Skyler books and receiving beaks in return, she made a flower crown for you. A simple, red tulip flower crown. You adored it. There was an old legend you had heard fellow students spreading around since Skyler started making flower crowns. They said that if you kiss every tulip as you weave it into a crown, the person you give it to will fall in love with you. Months later, you still feel hysterical giggles trying to escape you when you think about it. While you can no longer wear it now, you have plenty of others to replace it.

You began quietly trying to court her. Weekends spent weaving flower crowns and reading books followed. A few of the rarer books you hid in spots you know she would find them. You got to know her better. You brought food from Hope such as ice cream and muffins to share, and when Skyler began building her prosthetic arm you fully supported her despite not knowing what she was making.

Then, Skyler came to Hope. She looked happier than you had ever seen her before. Miranda brought Skyler to the book store and they began their friendship. Unfortunately, that meant you could no longer use books to try and win her over now that she had a practically unlimited supply of books at her disposal. You began to run out of ideas. It was hard to catch her attention when Skyler always kept herself pressed between the pages… just like the flowers you pressed between the pages in your books. With that thought, you had a solution. Pressing flowers combines Skyler’s favourite things, books and flowers. Despite your sound reasoning, you couldn’t help but worry that it was a bad idea. Pressing flowers was… a bit boring, actually, now that you thought about it. You already made the plans with Skyler however, so it was too late to be changing ideas.

Luckily, your worries were proved to be unfounded when you escorted Skyler to your house. She adored the flowers decorating your walls and a little bookmark you made. A few hours passed, and the hard part was over. All you had to do now was wait. You were about to tell Skyler that when she asked about the pressed tulip crown you had on your desk. It was the only flower crown you had done that too. Feeling a little embarrassed, you explained that it was the first crown that she had given you and that it was very special to you. At this, Skyler smiled and gave you a fond look. She leaned over close, whispered “…You are very special to me.”, gave you a peck on the cheek, and said “I’ll see you tomorrow.” before leaving you to process what just happened.

Alternate ending:
She leaned over close, whispered "...You are very special to me.", gave you a peck on the cheek, and said "I'll see you tomorrow." You stared at her in shock as she left and then after a moment ran after her screaming,
(What? ...I didn't make a joke?)
(hot damn. ur right. i must go.)
and then Skyler vanished into the tatters never to been seen again. you cried. the end.

Permission to share this thing where ever.
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