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New Items: August User Submissions!!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 16, 2019
A man's work is never done. Don't worry, Kiddos, despite all the craziness going on, good old Shady won't let you down. I've made sure to sort through all the new stock and have it properly prepared for release. Even the unfortunately colorful items...

So in between helping me out take down the rainbow menace, make sure to stop by the Backstage Broker to check out all these creative new submissions.

I guess I should also remember to plug Club's nonsense... that contest she's running over in the Special Events Contests Forum for the new Clothing Design Contest she has going. Create one new item and up to 10 colors of that item, then compete for your chance to have it added to my store along with all these beautiful options. (Clearly you should include a couple monochrome/black/white/gray recolors to show your support for old Shady.)

First Time Submitter! Scullpanda:
Veiled Rose Crown Selection - ( Blue Veiled Rose Crown, Black Veiled Rose Crown, Pink Veiled Rose Crown, Purple Veiled Rose Crown, Red Veiled Rose Crown, Indigo Veiled Rose Crown, Green Veiled Rose Crown, Wine Veiled Rose Crown, Gold Veiled Rose Crown )
Bubble Tea Witches Hat Selection - ( Prism Bubble Tea Witches Hat, Monocrome Bubble Tea Witches Hat, [item]Pastel Bubble Tea Witches Hat, [item]Green Bubble Tea Witches Hat, [item]Blue Bubble Tea Witches Hat )

First Time Submitter! Rayne:
Pretty Hazel Eyes

Goddess Ponytail Selection - ( Black Goddess Ponytail, Blond Goddess Ponytail, Crimson Goddess Ponytail, Sienna Goddess Ponytail, Umber Goddess Ponytail, Prism Goddess Ponytail )
Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Rose Braid )
Tall Purple Mowhawk
Blond Avoreal Pigtails

Striped Slick Black Hair Selection Selection - ( White Striped Slick Black Hair, Purple Striped Slick Black Hair )
Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask Selection - ( Black Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask )
Witchery Hats Selection - ( Autumn Fire Witchery Hat, Luminous Rose Witchery Hat, Luminous Rose Raven Witchery Hat, Spectrum Rose Witchery Hat, Prism Rose Witchery Hat )
Wavy Undercut Selection - ( Black Buzzed Wavy Undercut )

Ghost Friend Selection - ( Nefarious Ghost, Blep Ghost )

Purple Avoreal Legs

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Kith gt kith 3 stage 1 pink

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Cheerful Xeleon
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