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New Items: Art Toys!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 23, 2019
Hmm, I wonder how many packing peanuts I really need to use for these boxes? I'm a little worried that both Witch and Dizzy might try eating them... None of these presents are very breakable, though, so maybe I should just get out some tissue paper? Ehhh... I'm sure it'll be fine! They both eat literal rock-hard seeds and dirt.

Okay! First thing going in is sure to be a hit with Dizzy, the Sticker Collection board! This will keep the box nice and sturdy, and now Dizzy has somewhere to keep all her 'sticky paper'. Maybe this will get Witch to actually try to make those stick-able spell circles she was talking about! I'd love to have a few of those on hand, heh heh heh...

Let’s see, then I can put the Temporary Tattoos on top to keep things nice and flat. I can't wait to hear how well they work on Avoreal feathers! Dizzy is going to have the cooooolest flame wings!

Next should be... aHA! This weird little Artist's Wooden Doll can go in the middle as a barrier for the other stuff. I wonder if Witch will be able to bring it to life like she does all those cookies? Bet that’d make for a lot more realistic poses to use for references that way.

Let's put a piece of tissue over the doll, and now on either side I can put the Artisan Clay and the Modeling Clay! And where did I put that warning 'Do Not Consume' note...? Perfect! I wonder which one either of them will prefer? They both like colors and squishy things, but the textures really are super different. The Modeling Clay is silky smooth, but leaves your hands so salty. The Artisan Clay is tacky-feeling and holds texture really well. Hmm... I'd guess Dizzy will like the Modeling Clay best and Witch will like the Artisan Clay! But I can’t wait to see what they both make either way!

And last, but probably best, nestled up on top with lots of packing peanuts... the Finger Paints! Everyone loves finger painting! Or in Burney’s case, feet painting. There! My super special best-pen-pals present boxes are finished! I can't wait to get their Scrying spells back once they are delivered! Ooooh~! Maybe they will open them on spell and I can watch! This is gonna be so much fun!

Oh! I should throw these up into the Arcade too, in case anyone else wants to make some art boxes for their friends so they can trade art around! Hm, maybe I can get Mom to help me make little outfits for the wooden dolls to send to Dizzy and Witch for my next package...

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