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New Game: Bumble Bum!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 16, 2019

That's right, BEES!! I'm back again with this month's super spectacular update, which is a new game: Bumble Bum! Dizzy and Skyler are going all in on this "May Flowers" theme for the Site Contest, and you better believe I'm not gonna sit this one out!!

My new Enchanted Forest game is a bright and cheerful taste of flower-picking as a teeny tiny bumblebee. You can select which enemies you want to avoid as you pluck your flowers, including a frog that hops around at random, an angry bee who chases you down to get you back to work, a hummingbird who doesn't watch where they're going, and a slug that's guarding its own little flower patch. You can even choose to have no enemies, if you just want a laid-back time to relax and play! (Don't forget to hit the "Replay" or "Menu" button afterwards to make sure your score gets submitted!)

Personally, I'm a fan of keyboard controls, so this game's got your standard arrows keys for movement, spacebar for pause, and return for restart. If you're partial to the mouse, you can click to direct the bumblebee and right-click to jump. And of course, I didn't forget mobile users! The bumblebee will follow your finger, and you can tap quickly to jump.

I've also added some fun dialog in a few places, like the Menu, Game Over, and Pause screens! I wanted to try something new, so the Pause screen dialog should change based on your Kith's Personality. Neat, right? :D

I tried really hard to bug test this one, but if you run into any problems, let us know in the Technical Support Forum. We'll try to get things fixed up for ya as soon as we can!

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