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Site Contest Winners: April 2019

Written by Admin  Posted on April 29, 2019
(So many amazing inventions! You’re all radiating creativity. I wish I had access to all of those unlimited resources that you used for your designs…

Now, before baby Casey wakes up from their nap, it’s time to celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest!

Let’s all cheer for the radiant Knucklebone(s) reading by erikamakino in the Gallery category, and the brilliant Hangry Hangry Hoppers by ela maia in the Toy Design category! They did such a good job, didn’t they?

Since you both earned the most Cheers on your entries, you'll receive the In the Spotlight Achievement, as well as the Spotlight T-Shirt and Spotlight Showcase. Also, I’ve been talking to Lycus’ sister Piper, via video chat, and she told me that the Hangry Hangry Hoppers will be sold in her Arcade as soon as she has a chance to turn the prototype into a real toy. I can’t wait to see it! Oh, though, I should probably wait until after Casey is asleep, just in case it’s too scary for them…

Protocols state that I should move the winning threads to the Archived Contest Winners Forum here shortly, while all other entries will be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum.)


Oh no, shhh shhh shhhhhhh…. It’s okay, my lil’ sprocket, our announcement is all done, yes it is! It’s time for us to end our transmission and pass the next Site Contest to somebody else. Hopefully someone who doesn’t have a very loud voice?

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