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New Items: User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 18, 2019

So, uh... Lycus still ain't back from Space yet. And I've been hearing some... stuff. Let this be a lesson to all y'all. For as much as we think we understand the Tatters and what lies beyond, there is still danger. We've seen it with the Shadow Stage, the Everstorm, and now... well, y'all get my drift.
Be careful, stick together. It's the bonds of our community that keeps us going.

Speaking of community, I don't know how you kiddos keep doing it, but I have a whole heap of new items to introduce. Woulda thought y'all were too busy with all your space shenanigans. Heh, seems like everyone was sorely missing some more classic magics if these items are any indication.

Black Shoulder Flip Hairstyle
White Cascade Hairstyle
Artisanal Smiles Selection - ( Chompy Fangs Laugh, Stoic Smile, Confident Smirk )
Serpent Body Selection - ( Sweetheart Striped Serpent Body, Leader Boa Serpent Body )
Glamour Dress Selection - ( Growth Spider Queen Dress, Growth Glamour Dress )
Warlock Armor Selection - ( Graveglow Warlock Armor, Sweetheart Warlock Armor, Hot Pink Warlock Armor, Edgy Pinup Warlock Armor, Leader Pinup Warlock Armor )
Warlock Skirt Selection - ( Graveglow Warlock Skirt, Sweetheart Warlock Skirt, Hot Pink Warlock Skirt, Edgy Warlock Skirt, Leader Warlock Skirt, Azure Warlock Skirt )
Warlock Sleeves Selection - ( Graveglow Warlock Sleeves, Sweetheart Warlock Sleeves, Hot Pink Warlock Sleeves )

Cybergoth Hairstyle Selection - ( Spectrum Cybergoth Hairstyle )
Magic Summon Selection - ( Everstorm Magic Summon )
Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Verdant Braid )
Bouncy Hairstyle Selection - ( Sienna Bouncy Hairstyle )
Messy Bun Selection - ( Sienna Messy Bun )
Unicorn Hairstyle Selection - ( Crimson Unicorn Hairstyle )
The Rain's Selection - ( The Rain's Circlet )

Pollinator Wings
Forest Guardian Scrying Spell
Stained Glass Backdrop Selection - ( Blue Stained Glass Backdrop )

Explorer's Coat Selection - ( Graveglow Explorer's Coat, Mahogany Explorer's Coat )
Hyacinth Silk Sash

Pink Fox Mask

Unbuttoned Flannel Selection - ( Gold Unbuttoned Flannel )
Chainmail Selection - ( Obsidian Chainmail )

Fishnet Tights Selection - ( Crimson Fishnet Tights, Frost Fishnet Tights )

Midnight Sword Replica
Emote Bubbles Selection - ( Heart Bubble )
Faerie Wings Selection - ( Monochrome Faerie Wings )

Himochi :
Black Villainous Bodysuit

Recently Discovered Kith

Kith gt kith 3 stage 1 pink

Clever Edit

Cheerful Xeleon
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