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Taro Reviews the Cosmic Solarium by Gryphling won the Kith Spotlight! So my kith, Taro, kind of demanded me to enter her in this contest? She's got a laugh like an anime villain, so I don't like to say no to her...
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New Premium Items: Forum Banners!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 05, 2019
My word, the weather around here certainly seems to be resisting the start of spring. Brrr! Well, we can't change what's outside, but we can encourage the new season on the Forums! For anyone who's as eager to see the bloom of flowers and greenery as I am, the Hope Garden Banner is available for 500 Gems from my shop, the Headmaster's Office. Robin's roses are a joy to me in this dreary time of year!

Now, I've been told that a number of you have been busy Cooking to pass the time indoors. If that's the scenery you're looking for, I have great news! You can now purchase the Dormitory Kitchen Banner, Enchanted Kitchen Banner, Sunken Kitchen Banner, and Spooky Kitchen Banner for 250 Gems from the Pick A Part: Kitchen Banner.

Though we are growing ever closer to a favorable alliance with the Cosmic Solarim - that's my boy! - we still do not yet have full access to their Remnant, so those Forum Banners will have to wait for another time... Oho, but worry not, there's more!

Club has whipped up some new designs to make the Pick A Part: Granite Banner, a series of colorful splatter patterns that look like stonework behind your avatar. For 100 Gems, you can pick from the following Granite colors: Ruby, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond, and Onyx.

Anyone seeking a simple one-note Forum Banner can seek out the Pick A Part: Colorful Banner to choose from any 10 colors with no imagery, only a single color for your Forum posts. Though you can purchase this item for 100 Gems in my shop, you can also find them at my darling wife Estella's Bank of Hope in exchange for 5 Tattertints!

Ahh, but what of our uniquely artistic students? Those who yearn for a specific color? Hoho, never fear, there's customization available for you, too! You can send a Trade to Diana for 5 Pick A Part: Colorful Banners with a HTML code for the exact color you'd like to have, and like magic, you shall be given a Forum Banner of precisely that color! Or, if you'd like to simplify the matter, you can just send 500 Gems in the Trade instead.

As always, my friends, you can preview these Forum Banners in the stickied Staff Q&A thread located here.

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