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Too Many Items by Himochi won the Gallery Spotlight!
This sure is a lot of items, huh? Just... don't think too hard about how they fit in this room, okay?
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Site Contest Winners: November 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on November 26, 2018
WOW!!!!!! There were so many amazin’ Kith in the November Site Contest, it was hard to choose between ‘em!! An’ there were even some Lumences, YEAHHHH!!! I can tell you’re all ALMOST as good at bein’ Allies as Andre is!

I didn’ want the contest to stop but Kei says even good things hafta come to an end. An’ there were so many good things! BUT TWO ENTRIES NABBED THE TOP SPOT!!!

The winner of the Art Contest category was the FANTASTICAL Going for a walk by Haiz! WOWZA!! That was some fancy drawin’!

An’ the VERY FIRST WINNER OF THE NEW KITH DESIGN CONTEST was the one, the only Galaxy Ghost Castwick by Gwendolyn!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! All those Castwicks are gonna look so spiffy with that stage!!!! It’ll be available in MY Kith Fashions shop real soon!!

For earnin’ the most Cheers on your entries, you folks’ll receive the SUPER-EXCLUSIVE In the Spotlight Achievement an’ also the spiffy Spotlight T-Shirt an’ Spotlight Showcase! YEAHHHHH!!! The winnin’ threads’ll be moved to the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries’ll be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum!

An’ now, for my NEXT CONTEST-

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