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Soaring by Spacegal won the Games Spotlight! This paper airplane has reached new heights! Soarin' to the ten thousands! :D.
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Written by Admin  Posted on September 07, 2018
What, another Forum Feedback? Yup! My brain was struck by lightning and I had another potential idea for Custom Items I wanted to run by you all.

1. We really want to encourage and support all the artists who help make the site even bigger and better with their artwork! So, while I was thinking about how best to make that happen, either with bundles or being able to re-purchase your submissions or something, I came up with the idea of split sales: every time a user buys your custom item, the submitting user gets a 50% cut. This means your items have some real longevity and can help you make back those Shards and Gems!

This would obviously incentivize making Premium items over non-Premium items, so we’re thinking of setting a simple ratio to help keep things balanced in the store - something like for every 3 non-Premium submissions, you can have 1 Premium submission. The admin(s) reviewing your submissions would still be able to reject items with a note explaining why your submission wasn’t accepted, because we want our Premium items to be high quality, but I’ve seen some of the artwork on here and I’m eager to find out what you can come up with! What do you think?

2. Also, regarding credit (continued from this thread): what do you think about a standardized format in the Description that can be slightly tweaked for the different situations? Something like “Designed by [artist username/s]” if it’s just the one artist submitting it for themselves, then add “and submitted by [username/s]” if it’s being submitted by a user other than the artist.

Please let us know your ideas or any questions in this thread!

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