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Written by Admin  Posted on September 03, 2018
Good news, everyone! Custom item submissions are open and working smoothly! You can submit your Custom Clothing Submission as soon as it's ready. Club and I will be reviewing the items as they come in, so you should receive your copy within a week of submitting during the month of September! Past that, we will likely be doing reviews once or twice a month.

A question that was sent to me privately was that of credit, and I want to get your feedback. How would you like to see credit for custom items? For example, all of our Kickstarter items have "Designed by [username] on Kickstarter" included in the item's description. Since you, the one submitting the item, get to write the description, my inclination is to let you write your credit however you prefer - this would also allow for special cases like collaboration and shared assets to give fair credit as the submitter sees fit, and would take a step off the admins reviewing the items. Thoughts? Opinions?

As always, we really appreciate all the wonderful help you all are in making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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