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New Items: August Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 31, 2018
Move over Shay, this bun needs some spotlight!

Hey everyone, it's the last day of the month, which means it is re-color day! Now, you guys already got a big old heap of re-colors on the 10th for the Prism Party and I didn't want to overload the site with my awesome handiwork! But I also didn't want you guys to feel like I'd forgotten our special little day! So I whipped up something a bit different this time, but still totally a re-color!

Introducing the brand spanking new Dye Kit Selection! What is it, you ask? Well it is a collection off all the new dye kits I've made! That's right, you'll now be able to choose between a variety pack of dye which gives you one of each dye color (this is the good old item you all know and love already) OR you can get a kit of one single color that has 12 dyes in it! This will be stocked in the Headmaster's Office at the same price as the current variety kit is available for, and will hopefully give everyone a bit more control over what color schemes they want to pursue. If I might be so bold, I'd like to suggest the Purple Dye Kit as a particularly fantastic item!

Next month we will be back to our usual schedule for recolors at the end of the month! So those of you with an active Behind the Scenes Subscription will gain access to a special area on the forums where you can not only just suggest re-colors to me, but request special item swap-outs on your Kith as well as get the latest sneak peeks and development info on Remnants and features! You can get a Behind the Scenes Subscription from either buying a $5 or above gem pack from the site OR you can trade with another user who has one! It's a nice little bonus for you guys for helping to keep the site going with your donations!

Stay beautiful everyone, Thursday the 13th is coming up so I have to go reinforce my dumpster against unwanted intruders!

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