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New Recipes: Rometz Meals!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 25, 2018
Ah, finally, the heat is starting to break and the feathers are clearing up. After molting season comes my personal favorite here in the Forest: the harvest season. First things first, the Avoreals all go out in their new plumage to catch as many 'rometz as they can, which means a meaty feast for the rest of us. I've got a whole bunch of new recipes for you tadpoles to taste the best of the season's flavors.

To start off on the easy end, I have the classic Rack of Baarometz; bit of garlic, bit of garnish, and you have a beautiful meal. Your kitchen spider will thank you if you leave out some of the finished product for them.

If you're looking for a show stopper to serve at a nice dinner, I have to recommend the Roasted Quackrometz. A well-trimmed Quackromtez is exactly what you need to impress, and it's surprisingly easy to make. You don't want to overpower the meat, so use just enough butter to crisp the skin and flavor the breadcrumbs. No one wants a mouthful of sawdust crumbs. Not even Dizzy.

On the advanced side of things, we have the Molasses Oinkrometz which combines a number of strong flavors with the more subtle favor of the Oinkrometz into a harmonious blend. The most important part of this dish is the long, slow cook time in the crockpot. If you rush it, the port will end up tough and bitter - not at all what we are attempting to get from the vinegar.

A Moorometz Steak, despite its simple appearance, can be ruined in a moment if you let it overcook. You need to remember the poke test on the flesh to check for doneness. Everyone has their own preference - rare, medium, well-done - and making sure to serve it the way it's preferred is what will make or break a dish like this.

Smoked Cheeprometz is probably the hardest dish here, but only because you'll want to make your own fresh Basic Vinaigrette just before cooking it to achieve that truly authentic flavor. You don't have to. You can just microwave a shoe and eat that if you want. Looking at you, Coral Reef... The point is, we cook to make people happy, and thus we don't want to skimp on the effort unless we absolutely have to.

Almost any cook coming through my door should be able to handle these recipes, so come see me in Elven Cuisine and give them a try. Once the harvest seasons ends, it'll be the cold of winter keeping us indoors, so get a good taste of that crisp autumn air before it's too late!

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