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New Premium Items: Summer Kith Theme!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 02, 2018
I have exciting news, everyone! While Enheduanna and I have been working very hard on returning her to her previous form, we've made a curious new wonderful discovery. You see, though we are still unable to return her to her old self, we were able to draw out some of those aspects rather literally. From her unwoven body came sand and surf from the Coral Reef, and together they formed the Summer Beach Ball! When given to certain Kith, they can learn a new shape, the Summer stage! So far we've found that it works on the Kith from Hope: Ferrec, Bumblebunnee, Blepper, Pluff, Flipperfun, Lumence, Scalyx, Gemwing, and of course the Hermithog.

While this was not the result we were expecting I do consider it progress for Enheduanna as we try to understand what's happened to her. Nicholas will be offering the Summer Beach Ball permanently in the Headmaster's Office as replicating it now only takes a pinch of sand and drop of water and a bit of know how. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the tangible memories that Enheduanna has of her time in the surf and sun.

And for all you Allies, I've asked the Coral Reef to resupply us with another batch of Captain's Set Badge Bundles. We have enough to last us through the month but after that we will run out! Please grab one if you'd like to get you hands on a Captain's Birdy, Boots, Coat, Hat, Pants, Shirt, or Sword!

This is also the last day you'll be able to get an Inspired Hair Badge, Science Sweater Badge, Merfolk Tentacle Badge, Merfolk Tail Badge, CR Scrying Spell Badge, and the Scrying Spell 2 Badge. Seems we had some extra stock on some of these that has finally run out!

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