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La Calaca by Leslie won the Avatar Spotlight! It's always nice to see family again <3
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Site Contest Winners: April 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on April 30, 2018
Congratulations are in order for the winners of this month’s Site Contest! Please gather round for a detailed look at the victors who rose to fame upon a majority of Cheers!

Child of the Void by ShadetoShade won the Avatar contest with a creative idea supported by favorable aesthetics. The Neatest Kith!! by Shazzbaa won the Kith contest with Dandelion by her side, both of them exemplars of respectful tidiness.

Each of the victors will receive the exclusive In the Spotlight Achievement and the Spotlight T-Shirt and Spotlight Showcase items for earning the most Cheers on their entries, while other entries will be moved to the Showcase Forum for safekeeping. I confess I did not expect anyone to actually take heed of my feeble attempt at theming this Site Contest, so that was a pleasant surprise. You all have my gratitude for participating in this most enlightening and entertaining competition!

I have also been instructed to pass along an afterward to let you know that the Forum management may be changing in the next Site Contest, so entries that did not win may be sorted elsewhere in the future.

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