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New Items: March Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 29, 2018
Whoo-boy, things have been getting a bit heated lately, huh? It's nearly the end of the month so I thought I'd bring out this month's re-colors to see if maybe some new designs might help with the raging Everstorm over in the Coral Reef. I don't have an avalanche of new colors for you this month, as I've been a busy bun behind the scenes with a few different projects. But what I do have are some old requests I'm finally finishing off.

To start, I think that maybe some of you users might have a sock problem? Like, really guys, how many more socks are you going to request? (Don't answer that.)

I've got two more socks for you, each added to the original Thigh High Socks Pattern. You can now get Prism Thigh High Socks and Spectrum Thigh High Socks for your collection. The prism is a more pastel version while the spectrum is more vivid, since I wasn't sure which you guys would like more.

After that, I heard you guys have been making a ton of flap-flaps again to bolster your tailoring skills so I have the new Blepper Umbrellas (requested by at least one person whom you can all guess) to match your Blepper Tank Tops! Maybe these will help keep you dry in that storm? Andre will be stocking the new Blepper Umbrella Pattern - if you can pry Fray off of it.

Speaking of helping out with the storm, I know many of you have taken the side of SCIENCE! Now this is the first time I've done this, so we will see how it works out, but as some of you may remember the Lab once gave out the Lycus' Sweater in all its lovely Spirit-colored glory. Well since not everyone is into school colors, I've come back with 14 new base color recolors of this icon image. You'll be able to get a Pick A Part: Science Sweater at the Headmaster's Office for 200 gems each. No bundle this time; but if we get a couple more re-colors of the lab items I might make a bundle for them another time down the road.

And now, for the oldest request item I can think of, one the students were clamoring for since before even Open Beta. Toast. That's right. Thanks to Stopboorider, who fixed the toaster in the Admin break room, we have perfected the only breakfast item any late student has time to eat. Now you too can sprint to class with Butter Toast hanging from your mouth, spraying Strawberry Jam Toast crumbs at your friends as you laugh, or sinking your chances at ever owning a home by indulging in Avocado Toast. There are fifteen flavors total and you'll be able to pick up the new Toast Pattern from the Salon with Kei.
Please note this is fancy movie-like special effect toast and not actually edible - we gotta cover it in preservatives. Please do not eat the toast.

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