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You Are Not Alone [LOCKED]

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You Are Not Alone [LOCKED] 17

You Are Not Alone

by Ruevian » November 11, 2019 01:54 PM

Last Edited: November 25, 2019 01:09 PM

Suggested music: Aisuru Hito no Tame ni

CW: implications of child abuse

This is the tale of a sorrowful princess and the lonely monster that became her family.


Once upon a time in a faraway land of eternal twilight, there lived a princess. Well, she wasn't really a princess, but her family was wealthy and powerful, and the people of the land knew to fear them.

The Omen Clan.

This clan boasted some of the most dangerous and influential people the land had seen, but the young girl who was like a princess was small and weak and had no influence. The clan was displeased by her weaknesses and trained her strictly from birth to force her to be the way they wanted her to be, but to no avail. The girl's mother, a cruel and beautiful queen in her own right, would come up with terrible punishments for failing to live up to the clan's legacy. The servants quickly learned to turn their eyes away, lest they get a share of the lady's terrible wrath as well.

The girl was alone, and she had no allies. This was how it had always been.

One day, while being escorted to one of her many lessons by her resentful and inattentive handmaidens, it began to rain. In this land, rain was strictly scheduled, and the handmaidens knew this. Giggling amongst themselves, they guided the girl deep into the forest and abandoned her there.

The girl didn't cry out, for she knew better. If she wanted to be rescued, she would have to rescue herself. Clutching her umbrella close, she picked her way through the twisting roots and overgrown brush, but the rain came down even harder, and it was difficult to see. She would have to find shelter to wait out the storm.

Lightening struck, illuminating a hole within the trunk of a great tree, just large enough for her to fit inside. Eyes glowing behind her mask, her vision adjusted and she could see a tunnel reaching down beneath the hollowed tree, with crumbling stone steps. Dripping with rain water, the girl tiptoed her way down into darkness.

The tunnel opened up into a cavern, choked with roots and spiderwebs, but in the back there was a hunched figure. The ceiling of the cavern had opened up above it, sending rain and light cascading down between roots and embedded rocks down onto the figure. The girl hesitantly stepped closer, and saw it was no living person, but some sort of strange statue wrapped in chains.

Seeing the abandoned little thing, curled up over some sort of secret treasure, made the girl's heart twist in empathetic pain. "You're all alone," she whispered, opening her umbrella. "Just like me. Poor thing..." She tipped the umbrella over the statue, shielding it from the cold rain.

"I'll stay here with you," she murmured, adjusting the umbrella so it stayed over the statue, then sat primly in front of it to wait out the storm. As thunder rumbled, the girl told the chained, silent figure all her hopes and dreams -- that one day her mother would be kind, that she would have friends, that she'd be able to chose her own path instead of what had been dictated to her. The figure didn't respond, of course, but she still felt a sense of warmth and peace. And it was more fun than simply talking to herself, as she normally did.

When the rain passed, the girl stood and sighed, peering up at the open hole above. "I need to go. The Black Swan will be so angry with me..." She sniffled as tears threatened, but she quickly swallowed them back. Bending, she placed her small hand on the statue's head, petting it. "Thank you for listening. You can keep my umbrella."

As she turned and left the hidden cavern, the statue slowly opened its eyes, and its chains began to rattle. It had been sleeping for so long, forgotten and cold in the darkness, but now it had a reason to open its eyes.

Thanatos cracked free from his self-imposed prison and rose to his full glorious height. For the kindness the girl had bestowed upon him, he would devote himself to her. If no one else would give the girl the warmth and protection she needed, then he would do his humble best to provide.


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Re: You Are Not Alone

by Himochi » November 11, 2019 02:01 PM

(im not crying ur crying aaaaaa)
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Re: You Are Not Alone

by Dread » November 11, 2019 02:17 PM

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Re: You Are Not Alone

by Gloria » November 11, 2019 05:23 PM


so good so cute small rue being Wholesome
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Re: You Are Not Alone

by ShadetoShade » November 13, 2019 07:40 AM

my heart...
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Re: You Are Not Alone

by Celariel » November 21, 2019 02:10 PM


Now, here's an old friend. Are you proud of your defiance, little Matchmaker? I wonder what the rest of your family would think if they saw you now...

Celariel forum

Re: You Are Not Alone

by Taiga » November 21, 2019 02:14 PM

Going for petty attacks, Narrator?
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Re: You Are Not Alone

by Ruevian » November 21, 2019 02:36 PM

Posted by: "Celariel ★"

Now, here's an old friend. Are you proud of your defiance, little Matchmaker? I wonder what the rest of your family would think if they saw you now...


...I have a new family now. A family I chose for myself! A-And those are bonds not even you can break, Narrator!
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