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New Toys: Outdoor Play!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 07, 2018
AHHHHH! SECRETS?! ADVENTURE?! I wanna go to the Enchanted Forest! But it's still so cold out! Oh man, I even finished making the cool new Toy Shield and Toy Sword to play with Dizzy next time I saw her. Ugh... I'm going stir-crazy! I wanna play outside! I wanna run free! BUT IT'S SOOOO COOOOLD!

Maybe... maybe I can get spring to show up sooner rather than later. Hey spring! Look! I've got all kinds of fun new toys for everyone to go outside and play with if you show up! I've got the backyard classics of the Wooden Swing and the Tire Swing for all your leg pumping, sky-high needs! Y'know I actually made Lycus puke once on our tire swing when we were smaller, heh heh. He won't even touch them now.

And if you want something a little more playground-style there's the See-Saw or the Toy Slide. Dad doesn't want me playin' on the see-saw any more after that time I tried to get Kei to launch me off it into a tree...

He didn't even do it! But dad says the temptation is too great...

I guess if you're like me and keep getting banned off equipment, there's always the Peek-A-Boo Play Place which is so ridiculously safe you'd really have to go out of your way to get hurt on it.... unless you get your head stuck in one of the shapes. Don't do that...

Hm... well. There is always the safety and comfort of video games! Come on by the Arcade and either hang out with me inside while we wait for the weather to warm up or grab some new toys and try to lure spring all the closer! And tell me when you find out what everyone's Secrets are- I mean I already know Dizzy's but the others might be something juicy. I promise I won't tell Robin!

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