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New Items: January Recolors!!!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 25, 2018
Hoo boy, been a bit since I did one of these huh? Uh sorry about that- WAIT WAIT! STOP WITH THE SNOWBALLS! Please! I have a bunch of recolors for you guys but you aren't getting them if I'm frozen to death into a snow-bun! There's some really nice stuff in here!

Okay...y'all done?
Okay, good! I live in a trashcan you guys, those things are not well insulated.

Now let's jump right into it with some of the most requested items I've ever gotten. That's right guys, the time has come. I've got two new patterns going into Tailored Fashions today that I know you all want. Now in a resounding 23 colors each, you can get the Plain T-Shirt Pattern and Plain Tank Top Pattern for all your layering needs. Yaaaaaaaaaay! It only took me like... forever!

Next up is another big request, it's recolors of the Sundress Pattern and Moondress Pattern! These are flat single-color variants of the original Candy Corn Sundress you guys could get during Halloweave. I've bundled the original tri-color dress into these patterns for now, but expect them to be separated out into a third pattern once I get more multi-color dresses made later. You'll find both of these patterns contained in the Pattern Selection: Sundresses item that will let you pick between both patterns for which you want rather than stocking two separate items into Andre's shop.

Speaking of bundled items, the Salon will now have a very large bundled item for many of the single-eye variants of the basic stocked eyes. The Pattern Selection: Singular Eyes will let you pick which type of eye you want and then you can craft either the Left or Right eye of that type! I'm also going to switch out the basic Grinning Eyes, Tired Eyes, and Closed Eyes from the store to the new Grinning Eyes Pattern, Tired Eyes Pattern, and Closed Eyes Pattern which contain the whole eyes as a pair as well as the left and right variants to be crafted. This is a pretty huge update all on its own, so good luck to anyone who is trying to collect all the items.

And don't worry, this isn't going to be all about Hope items, I've got assorted updates for all the remnants. Here, have a handful of updates for the Enchanted Forest that I've been getting some requests for.


The Autumn Leaf Pile Pattern has been renamed to the Season's Leaf Pile Pattern as it will now include the original Autumn color as the brand-new Withered Leaf Pile, Winter Leaf Pile, Summer Leaf Pile, and Spring Leaf Pile. The addition of new leaves is not permission to now throw leaves at me instead of snow.

The Enchanted Wind Pattern is also getting an expansion with two new colors: Withered Wind, and Burnt Wind! These came from a direct request for some black leaves, and should help y'all match up with your preferred seasonal color a bit better now.

Some of you noticed that what was once just known as Bow has been renamed to Pale Elven Bow, and betting dollars to donuts most of you foresaw why this was done. That's right, there is now a new matching set of bows in the Dark Elven Bow Pattern. They come in all the same colors are the pale counterpart but the wooden portion of the bow is now darker.

To round out the Forest's update I also bring to you the hotly-requested Monochrome Courtier set addition! This will include the Monochrome Courtier Top, Inverted Monochrome Courtier Top, Monochrome Courtier Dress, Inverted Monochrome Courtier Dress,
Monochrome Courtier Jewelry, Monochrome Courtier Wrap, Inverted Monochrome Courtier Wrap, Monochrome Circlet of Blooms, Monochrome Courtier Heels, Monochrome Courtier Tunic, Monochrome Courtier Pants, Monochrome Courtier Sash, Monochrome Circlet of Leaves, and the Monochrome Courtier Shoes. Phew, that's a lot of monochrome; hey wait! What is the Monochrome Kingdom Mask doing in here? Get back to the Shadow Stage where you belong mask! Silly thing is trying to sneak in with the Enchanted Forest items.


Well since the Shadow Stage doesn't want to wait it's turn, I'll go ahead and share its considerably shorter list next. There was a request for some black-and-white recolors of the Siren and Consort robes, so I whipped up a monochrome variant of each. You'll now find Monochrome Paper Parasol, Monochrome Consort's Robe Top, Monochrome Consort's Robe Bottom, Monochrome Siren's Robe Top, and Monochrome Siren's Robe Bottom stocking in Wolf's Casting Call. And while this wasn't requested, I also made a new self-indulgent color of Starlit using black and gold tones. You'll be able to find Starlit Paper Parasol, Starlit Consort's Robe Top, Starlit Consort's Robe Bottom, Starlit Siren's Robe Top, Starlit Siren's Robe Bottom stocking at Wolf's shop as well.


As for the Coral Reef, I've got some new colors there as well! We had some requests for darker purples in the Swashbuckler/Pirate/Castaway sets and I personally felt that they could also benefit from the addition of a brown range of items. So Dione will now be stocking the Indigo Pirate Bandana, Indigo Swashbuckler Shirt, Indigo Castaway Shirt, Indigo Tall Pirate Boots[/item], and Indigo Short Pirate Boots to help fill out all your purple needs. And in the brown category we have the Brown Pirate Bandana, Brown Swashbuckler Shirt, Brown Castaway Shirt, Brown Castaway Skirt, Brown Castaway Shorts, Brown Swashbuckler Pants, Brown Tall Pirate Boots, and Brown Short Pirate Boots.

Thanks for being so patient with this recolor update! I'll try and do better about having more frequent but smaller updates when it comes to the recolor requests!
(So please don't pelt me with anymore snow, I'm still soaked through from Boo's birthday...)

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