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Hope's Halloweave Update

Written by Admin  Posted on October 30, 2017
Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder to check the Glorious Gourd Contest and throw your pumpkins in! The event will be ending tomorrow, the 31st, at midnight CHT. I love all the entries we've gotten so far! They really deserve more cheers than they've got right now, so make sure you vote for your favorites even if you're not participating!

Also, remember that if you do participate, you'll receive a free Amazing Pumpkin Head from yours truly. If I've commented on your entry, you should see this crafty pumpkin in your inventory already. And speaking of pumpkin heads, today we'll be throwing the Mystery Pumpkin Head in Seeba's shop, which will later magically transform into the winning entry's design! How you ask? Well it starts with a hair from our own magical girl, mixed with these secret potion components and...

Actually, there's gonna be a few other new items in the Halloweave shop too. A little late, I know. I got uhm... a little distracted maybe? But the Orange Midnight Haze Dress and Orange Midnight Haze Mask will now be available as well. Since it's SO late, I've knocked them down to more common levels and prices, to let people get a chance to grab them up this year. They will return to being rare and uncommon items next year, so grab them now at a discount!

I suppose there's always a bit of stumbling in your first event, so thanks again for being so patient as I learn the ropes. Please post in this lovely Wanted Halloweave Wearables thread all your wishes, so I can be a little more prepared next year.

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