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New Unique Quest: Lycus' Secret

Written by Admin  Posted on September 29, 2017
Earlier today I went to the Tatters for research and Iris told me about what she and my father have done with the new Unique Quests. The idea has some merit, s-scientifically speaking, and I... well... I'd like to study the effect these “secrets” have on the Tattered Weave. So, um, I guess that means I'll need to offer up some kind of secret of my own if I want to further my understanding of the Tattered Weave. A-ahem, for science, I-I suppose I can open up a bit more to those who have proved their Devotion to experiments with me.

Speaking of research, I don't know if you’ve run into anything odd by the Tatters lately but I found something very strange. It's this… paper? Brochure? I-I don't know what to call it really. What’s this say on the top? Shadow Stage Pamphlet?

It’s strange… It reminds me of the, um, those items in the First Class Item Badge Bundle that appeared at the Tatters when Iris and the Kith first showed up…

Anyway, I asked Iris to keep an eye out for any more and bring them to me down in the University Lab. I need to study how these things have managed to survive not just existing near the Tatters, but somehow coming through it.. I know a lot is going on right now, but I'd appropriate any help that everyone can offer me in my lab. Once we complete this next experiment, I’ll have a Shadow Stage Pamphlet available to pick up once an hour… perhaps the last experiment of its kind, if these new secrets prove worthwhile.

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