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New Patterns: Splash Of Color!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 16, 2017
A Splash Of Color

I hope everyone had a good weekend! No cake-induced comas I hope; I heard there was a pretty wild party going on. If anyone needs a work out buddy after all that cake I'd be more than happy to help. Fun runs can be just as good as a party!

I've been busy myself back at the Salon whipping up a few things in celebration for the Birthday Girl beyond just getting her party hair perfect! I'm sure many of you noticed Diana sporting some colorful new freckles. That's right, I've finished all my work for the big Recolor Contest Winner [GrayEmbers] More Freckle Colors!

There are 22 brand new colors of freckles available through the Freckles Pattern along with the original base color for a total of 23 possible looks. This includes that pretty Prism color you saw your lovely rainbow admin wearing. Think of it as a birthday gift from her to all of you!

While I was working on all the make-up for this sale, I took a good long look at some of the other items I offer and decided that I need to expand the color pallet available to students! This means you'll now find a Blush Face Paint Pattern, Faded Blush Pattern, and Blush Pattern for sale in the Salon instead of the base items that I previously stocked. Each of these will now come in 20 colors that you will be able to craft on your own. These colors include: deep breath now Kei, Wine, White, Tan, Spirit, Sky Blue, Orange, Mint, Lavender, Lapis, Indigo, Hot Pink, Gray, Gold, Frost, Emerald, Dusk, Brown, Black, as well as the original red and pinks.

Powder can be a real pain in the glutes to work with - one of the reasons I was putting the expansion off - but when it was pointed out how poorly the original Freckles went with some skin tones, I realized I really wasn't giving everyone a fair shake. It doesn’t matter if you are a winter, autumn, spring, or summer complexion; you all deserve to feel as beautiful as you want, the way you want.

Still you are going to need some experience under you belt to make your own powder compacts for the Blushes, but both Freckles and Blush Face Paint are nice and easy to make.

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