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New Hairstyles: Return of the Short Styles!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 21, 2017
Growing it Out

Hello all you gorgeous people! Surprised to see me back so soon? I've been having so much fun down at the Salon with last release of short hair that I just had to play around with some more styles! This time I left a little more on the top, as they say, and come up with 5 new looks.

To start I have the new Long Bangs look. Unlike some of the previous bangs, these grow out all the way from the crown of the head. While you can wear them on their own for something like a bowl cut, you can also layer them with a lot of the long styles for a whole new look. I have a personal fondness for how they look with the Dreads Hairstyle. That little bun peeking out in the back is just too cute.

For the other four styles, I have some fun new full heads of hair. First we've got the Tall Curls hairstyle, taking that natural curly hair we saw in the tall fade and teasing it into some high-reaching coils. A little bit of extra work for a whole lot of impact! Oppositely, it takes a whole lot more work for the Quiff hairstyle. I know the Headmaster used to rock this back in his younger days, so we can be sure of this tried-and-true look. While it may take some regular re-brushing to keep in place, it does give off a certain rebellious air, doesn't it?

Next we have the Sleek Side Part, taking some longer bangs on a shorter hair and fixing them into place for a subtle, sophisticated look. Don't worry, I'll send you home with extra styling gel to keep it in place. Which you might end up needing for the Pushback hairstyle I have rounding out this update. Sometimes you can get inspiration even from having your hair groomed by a Kith! Funny, right? Fray has a weirdly long tongue.

So let me know what you think this week, darlings! What's hot, what's not, and what do you need to bring out that look of the inner you? I'm all ears; nothing beats chatting while I work!

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