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Taro Reviews the Cosmic Solarium by Gryphling won the Kith Spotlight! So my kith, Taro, kind of demanded me to enter her in this contest? She's got a laugh like an anime villain, so I don't like to say no to her...
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Written by Admin  Posted on December 14, 2016
Boy oh boy, do we have a lot of updates for you today! Buckle up for safety and visit the Story Quest page to check in with Lycus about his experiments on the Tattered Weave. You’re inching closer to a real “Eureka!” moment that will change everything! (Please report here if you still get duplicate Quests!)

And if you want to talk big changes, how’s this? Kith are no longer limited to 400 ability points! Please keep an eye out for any bugs, but we have tested this on the alpha servers and we’re pretty sure we got them all squished.

Slide on into the Dressing Room for a small but much-needed improvement. Your Inventory widget now has a Search Bar so you can quickly sort through your pages upon pages of clothing to find what you need! This really comes in handy if you’re matching colors, because you can type “Blue” or “Light Blue” and get exactly the shade you’re looking for.

Next to be updated are the games! Users were interested in seeing their Shard earnings more than a Score, so I’ve changed the Score to show you exactly how many Shards you’re earning as you play. I’ve also increased the payout on Paper Airplane and the secret level of Hoof It. The file size of each game is slightly smaller, so for those of you on slow connections, please clear your cache and you should see some improvement in download time! The audio files have been shrunk down, too, in the hope that slower connections can now stream the long soundtracks.

Both Paper Airplane and Memory have some attempted bug fixes. I have changed the math on Paper Airplane so that it should grant continuous attribute points even for high scores. I can’t test that easily myself because, well, I am just not that good at playing Paper Airplane. In Memory, I’ve created a workaround for the problem that causes it to occasionally go blank and become unclickable. When that happens, the game should now automatically reset the board after a few seconds and let you continue playing at the same level. I’m afraid I can’t test this fix myself because I have never encountered the problem no matter what I tried. Please let me know here if you still run into either of these issues while playing!


The BBCode size tag didn’t have a size limit. Whoops. That is now fixed to stop at 100.

The dropdown menu on the Tatters page wasn’t working for a little while, but it’s fixed now!

We changed the word “or” to “and” on the Marketplace filter to better show that you must enter both the Shard and Gem fields in order for that filter to work. Entering 0-0 gets rid of the currency you don’t want to see.

The Description field on the New Sale page in the Marketplace was occasionally getting resized and then stuck. We’ve disabled the ability to resize the field to prevent that from happening again.


Sometimes the Games don't download graphics to your computer properly. Sometimes Memory seems to freeze when resetting a level. We don't know why yet. Close the window, refresh your cache and try opening the game again to fix this problem.

The security questions dropdown has repeat questions, whoops. We've disabled the security questions on the unlock request for the time being, so you should be able to unlock your account without them.

Item names may sometimes stretch the images in your inventory, in shops, etc.

The Restock Shop timer occasionally glitches. (This will be fixed after public launch.)


Search (items and usernames) Status: on hold

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