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I broke hoof it! by Hintswen won the Game Spotlight!
This is what I believe is my highest score before hoof it was changed to show your shards earned as the score.
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Site Contest Winners: December 2023

Written by Admin  Posted on December 21, 2023
Good afternoon, everyone. How are you all enjoying the pajama party? I'm glad the fairies have decided to join in our storytelling with quests of their own coming soon, but I was worried the Site Contest prizes might go "missing" again in exchange...

Enheduanna: Thankfully they're still right here where we kept them - I've been keeping guard.

You're an amazing guard Kith, Enhe. All the head pats for you! Though our Cheers for this month's winner went to the beautiful Cozy Kith Cuddles by Firnen!

Since you earned the most Cheers on your entry, you’ll receive 100 Gems, as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and the Spotlight Showcase.

Enhe and I will move the winning thread to the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries will be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum.

Now, what was the contest for next month supposed to be again...?

Enheduanna: The Cosmic Solarium put in an official request for a Writing contest, with a theme of Creative Coding. Checking the calendar... Looks like the start date is set for January 9th.
That's after the Golden Colosseum's protection ritual is over... I sense... Something.

Oh... Are you okay, Enhe? Hey. I'm here. Whatever may come, you won't have to face it alone.

Enheduanna: ...Yes.
We're not alone.

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