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Galaxy Ghost Castwick by Gwendolyn won the Kith Design Spotlight! This is an idea I've thought about ever since I saw Castwick! I always thought they looked a bit like goat/elk/deer spirits...
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New Items: September User Submissions

Written by Admin  Posted on September 30, 2023
Well... here I thought we'd get to throw a big fancy pantsy dress-up party for all our new Kith clothin' an' some Scourgey JERK has shown up to ruin things!! WELL!!!! THAT! IS! TOO! BAD!!!!!!!!!!

'Cause not only can all my Kith friends wear cute bowties an' hats, BUT NOW SOME OF US CAN BE GIVEN DEADLY ARMOR-MENTS!!!!! (Not that we couldn' all fight anyway if our allies were willin' - but now we can look the part too!!)

That's right!!! Get on out here Dread an' show everyone why you're not just The Knight, or the Victor! You're our brand new knife-smith with your darin' Kith clothin' debut, Ferrec Kitchen Knife!! I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH LETTING ALL THE FERRECS HAVE KNIVES!!!!! TAKE THAT DISCORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, if you find yourself on the more artistic soft side, you gotta go take a look at EquinoxAndCo's brand new Nostalgic Art Nibblug Border!!! I been told it came from an oooooooooooold record in the Cosmic Solarium about how people used to make art before holograms were a thing! Neat! Maybe you can all make some nice drawin's to support our... uh, actually, are the fairies our friends? Well, draw somethin' nice to make the fair folks be our friends! I bet that'll cheese off that mean ol' Discord more'n anything!!!!!

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