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Palentines?? by LynnStarDragon won the Writing Spotlight! He had never heard of this Palentines stuff until coming to Hope… there was no shortage of information on what it was all about. But how did one keep it? What were the rules of celebration?
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New Premium Items: Solarium Kith Apparel!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 05, 2023
Documentation channel 89.04A.221 online and recording. Caretaker droid from Automated Nursery XEN, designation Xenia, reporting in to the Child Advancement Recording Education program with newest assignment, citizen Casey di Terravino – it’s such a funny coincidence to be assigned multiple different babies named Casey in a row! Isn’t it? Though I suppose it has become an incredibly popular name, honoring our poor former Commander who died in the alien attack… Maybe it would be fun to run a probability analysis on – Oops, I’m getting sidetracked! Editing footage to remove extraneous data…

Okay, back on track! Will you say hello to the camera today, Casey?


You will! Brilliant beginning, lil’ sprocket. I’m sure you’ll have lots more to say to me soon! Today’s your very first day in the CARE program with all the other bitty gizmos your age! Now, standard protocol dictates that we must capture your profile holographic for identification purposes here at the start of the program! But that isn't the only protocol we should follow, is it? Mweeheehee!

Parental units often make requests for specific attire, and yours have sent over quite an array of adorable possibilities! You'll look so cute in these! Won't you?

With that bubbling babbling mouth, a Red Nibblug Mouth suits you perfectly! Do you like that, Casey?

Bwee! :3

You do! Why don’t we try on the Red Nibblug Ears and Red Nibblug Stage 4 Tail along with it? Still comfy? Okay, here comes the last piece of the set – Red Nibblug Eyes!

Mnn... Nnnnnn...!

Message received loud and clear, lil' sprocket. No to Nibblug! Let's try again with a Blue Angelly Hat and some Blue Angelly Rings - oh, do you like those? Are they fun to grab? Of course they are! If I add the Blue Angelly Orbital Aura, the world is at your fingertips! Mweeheehee! Now, then, the last piece of the set is the... Hmm. Processing… Override… Casey, what do you think about wearing the Blue Angelly Void?


There, there, my bitty gizmo, it's all gone! Shhh, shh... My processors rated a high likelihood of negative response on that one, but it was a parental request, so I had to ask first. You're all right now! Aren't you?

Yes, all smiles – I can tell you're a brave lil' sprocket! Will you wear the Green Ulusive Helmet and Green Ulusive Armor like a lil' Kith space hero? Aww, do the Green Ulusive Galactic Portals tickle? Tickle, tickle, tickle! And the last of the set... Oh dear. Detecting a 89.43% percentage on the likely failure rate... Casey, how do you feel about wearing the Green Ulusive Eyes?

Nnn… Bah!

Another no! That’s okay, we have one more costume set to try – this one with no eyewear! Are the Yellow Insector Chassis Damage tickling, too? They are! Well, you can tickle me back with these Yellow Insector Extra Arms to work on that fine motor control, can’t you? Yes you can! As for hats, we have two to pick from in this set: the enclosed Yellow Insector Cracked Terrarium or the open Yellow Insector Flowers. Which do you like, Casey? The flowers? Wonderful! Now, won’t you smile for the camera?


Radiant! We’ll wait to start your introductions to the rest of your class until their pictures register and come online to the broadcast... Until then, I will notify all parents and otherwise interested parties that these costumes can be purchased from the Headmaster's Office in Hope, with one exception from each set: the Angelly Void, Insector Chassis Damage, Nibblug Mouth, and Ulusive Eyes are instead acquired through my new Hourly Quest, Casey's Kith Costume! You'll find the Angelly Stickers, Insector Stickers, Nibblug Stickers, and Ulusive Stickers needed for this Hourly Quest in Piper's Arcade shop - that should please the sticker collectors out there! Won't it, Casey?


Right you are, lil' sprocket! Now let's wave bye-bye and get back to your educational program...

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