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Event Update: A Premium Plot Revealed!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 07, 2023
Hello again, Estella; Jay; Kei. Thank you for taking your captivity in stride without provoking any unfortunate incidents. All of us here in the circus, fairies and changelings alike, have gathered to witness the final day of your inadvertent visit.

Yes, the final day.

Can you feel it? How the wind shifts and stretches. The way the colors pulse brighter and brighter. The rising crescendos of the unearthly music, sung by Cirque Faerial itself… It’s finished.

Piper has made her Agreement at last.

Keep calm. Now that it is done, we won't need to restrain you in these cages any longer. I will personally ensure that you are returned to your homes, at an appropriate size and physically unharmed, so that the bridge between our Remnants can close at last – whereupon Cirque Faerial will instantly do what it has always done, and consume all of your memories of us. I’ll admit, I’m curious to witness it on so many at once…

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