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Quantum Nano-Optics of Semiconductors by Jasmine won the Gallery Spotlight!
So I work in a pretty awesome lab, and I did my best to recreate it here. I'm happy to explain any of the equipment!
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A New Kith And A New Plan!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 20, 2023
[Catch up on the event so far]


O-okay, I think I g-got the sound adjustment system set up so that it's easier for us to talk to each other despite the size difference… Does anyone have something we can use to boost up Mom and Jay? Oh, thanks Andre, this empty shoebox should work great. Here, Dad, you can set the two of them down now…

Thank you all for coming here today… I, uh, I wish I had some better news, b-but...

Even with input from Lenta and all of my usual collaborators from different Remnants, we’re no closer to understanding this shrinking magic that’s affecting people. We’ve got some reports that certain aspects of it feel “familiar” in different ways, but it’s all jumbled together in a total mishmash that nobody can understand or access…

And we have n-no idea how to reverse it!

Agh… I’m s-sorry that this research has been g-going so slowly. Between stressing over Piper being missing and trying to cover three separate shops, my b-brain has been fried… (I even keep having this awful recurring nightmare where, somehow, the Arcade gets c-completely covered with moss…)

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