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New Items: Crystal Jewelry!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 23, 2023
Good evening, neighbors, and Silver Lady’s silence upon you all! I've come to invite all my most devoted friends to each individually attend a private celebration of our shared secrets next week. There's something special that I can only share one-on-one... Won't you join me~? No need to be afraid, dears...

Ohhhhohoho! But of course, you can't be expected to show up to a special meeting looking any less than your best! The Snow Globe's dedicated artisans have chiseled away at the crystal materials I've donated over this season, and crafted them into a collection to die for...

Mmmmm, wouldn't you look breathtaking in this sparkling Cordial Crystal Headband? Oooh, or pair it with a Cordial Crystal Split Mask and Cordial Crystal Half Veil for a truly killer combination~ Why, if you close your eyes, the Cordial Crystal Eyeshadow glitters with all the grace of the grave... Then again, perhaps a Cordial Crystal Beard would better disguise any inconvenient expressions...

Now that the Snow Globe celebrations are piling up like plates of pancakes, this Cordial Crystal Belt will keep your traditional eating-wear from scandalously slipping down a touch too far. And of course, anyone would be lucky to encase their fingers in these razor-sharp Cordial Crystal Claws… So terribly useful for cutting… tearing… SLICING… All the better to open presents with, of course!

Speaking of presents, I am so thrilled to share a secret with you very, very soon... You will keep my secrets, won't you~? Casual comments can have, mmmm, such fascinating consequencesOhhhohoho!

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