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New Premium Items: Snow Globe Scrying!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 06, 2023
May I have your attention, please? I have an important announcement to make regarding the completion of an insightful inter-Remnant project that the Snow Globe’s Community Council has been working on for many months now. It is with great pleasure that I present to you today the Snow Globe Scrying Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Snow Globe Scrying Badge!

On behalf of the Council, we would like to thank the tremendous efforts of our friends in Hope, who I must credit as the source of this project request and who are therefore the primary recipients of our successful results. The Enchanted Forest also deserves a special mention for providing the magical spell that can now allow anyone to tour the Snow Globe even from afar! Some of you could be, at this very moment, using the Council Hall Scrying Spell to attend this announcement! If you are, I must applaud your extremely swift support of our premium projects.

Our mountainous landmarks are breathtaking to behold, and I encourage anyone with the means to procure these vistas to consider the marvelous views offered by the Snowy Slopes Scrying Spell. Gazing out upon the whole of the Snow Globe from its highest peak is a humbling experience, offering a profound perspective on the community below, encapsulated by hundreds of tiny flickering lights in windows... And viewing this location via proxy is a Council-approved method for anyone who wishes to experience this delight… Given that usually, one must first experience the equal delight of fully completing the highly-necessary safety training course that is understandably required before visiting such a loftylocale in-person.

For those of you who wish merely to enjoy the fireside warmth of a homey hearth - Silver Lady knows, I quite look forward to that myself after a long day of volunteering - I can recommend the Cozy Cottage Scrying Spell as a place of comfortable relaxation. With the traditional garland of crystals above the -



I see. So that is the source. Well! What a charming and unscheduled surprise to be joined by Gloryglint's dear Kith...

Poetic End, how nice to see you wandering about, entirely unsupervised. What, exactly, can I do for you right now, in the midst of my scheduled premium announcement? No, no, I must insist that you go ahead, please, and deliver whatever news you bring, so that we may respectfully send a response back with you immediately. We would not want someone as considerate as Gloryglint to be left waiting, when surely she has extremely pressing preexisting plans that should not be interrupted.

...Certainly, yes, of course, I would be happy to add the graveyard to the scrying spells we offer. Naturally! What could be more traditional or [/i]appealing to guests?[/i] And how fortunate that such a location was not forgotten, despite the fact that Gloryglint somehow neglected to bring this up during any of the countless Council meetings that we have both been attending for MONTHS!

Poetic End:
A surprise gift! Surprise!

.......Right. Of course it is. How thoughtful.

Ahem. Well. I am… thrilled… to report that anyone who wishes to visit the Day Memorial Scrying Spell can do so in the daylight, to navigate through the crystals with ease, or at nighttime with the Night Memorial Scrying Spell for a more private viewing. Though of course, if our new neighbors choose not to avail themselves of these particular vistas, that would be entirely understandable, and likely even demonstrate their excellent judgment. Now, is that all, Poetic End? No? What else must you- Ah. I... should...... be... more than happy to... pet you. As... thanks... for your... delivery. If it will send you back on your way.....



Well. That was. Invigorating. Is everyone all right? Please, take your seats again, and pass the basket of napkins around to anyone who may have accidentally spilled their drinks at the... intense arrival and subsequent departure of a Deception's Firloom. For those of you who have not yet had the fortune to meet Councilor Gloryglint's Kith, please pardon my tardy introduction - that was Poetic End. Gloryglint has assured me that her Kith is an upstanding citizen, despite its exceedingly similar appearance to the Scourge that ravaged our community, and thus far all reports to the Council show that the Kith is more... hm... visually notable than anything else. Should you encounter any such Deception's Kith again, I would advise you to remain calm and proceed with the kindness due any new neighbor who you do not yet know well...

Now, then. Where was I? Hmm. Perhaps it would be best if I concluded this announcement forthwith, so that those of us with more fortitude can help our sensitive neighbors here get cleaned up and comforted. So, to wrap up - you can find each of these new Snow Globe scrying spells for sale in the Hope University Headmaster's Office in the singular Pick A Part: SG Scrying Spell Badge or the bundled-together SG Scrying Spell Badge Bundle. From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my antlers, thank you all for coming today and thank you to anyone who purchases our scrying spells to support the community!

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