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New Items: February User Submissions

Written by Admin  Posted on February 28, 2023

Hiiiiiii everyone!!!! Didja all have a good Palentine's?! Andre's been over the moon now that he's got his very own official partner~ heh heh heh! Of course I knew aaaaall along that only good things could happen this month!! Even if I do have a lil' too many leftover party hats...

But I figured if no one else is gunna throw another party in this teeny tiny moth, then clearly I SHOULD!!! I cashed in some favors with PearlWoomy an' booked the newest smash hit outta the Hope Univerity glee club- Pop Star Ferrec!!!! We are gunna have sweet jams all night long to bring us into March!!

But every good party needs more LIGHTS!!! Rayne, grab that spotlight! We have not just one special guest performer today, but TWOOO!!!!! Behold the glitterin' glitzy glory of Amulet of Hope Ugling an' all their radiant reflective panache!

Of course if you feel like you don' wanna be cooped up inside an' are lookin' to enjoy the warmin' weather we've been havin', you can head outside to our unseasonable display of gourds an' carved watermelons with our garden party host Jackal Lantern Scalyx!! Who says we hafta wait 'til October for some good spooky Halloweave fun?! Diana! BUT SHE'S NOT HERE TO STOP US!!! PARTY ON!!!!!!

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