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Hopes for Fears by Taiga won the Gallery Spotlight! If Snarls are truly negative emotions, ripped and coiled from Hope, then perhaps the first step to destroy them is to destroy these emotions themselves.
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Event Update: New Remnant Clothes!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 09, 2022

Look at you all, emptying out our hold and unlocking all the items we have to offer - and so swiftly! Color us real impressed, mmmmhmmm~ I must say, it’s been a real treat watching you all jump into action!

Now let’s continue our little fun with a few more images from the star of our show… Treble, what do you want to show us?

As I recall, there was a bit more excitement to see in Cirque Faerial…

And Gallery Trappings had something real nice on display…

And I bet we can scrounge up some more dirt on Rock Bottom…

My, my, my, Treble, you’re a real doll, sharing all these pretty images with us. You go on and get some well-deserved rest, now, before bringing out your final images!

And as for the rest of us…

It sure was sweet to see you all working together, but you’re coming up on the time that a tough choice is looming over your future. You have our sympathy for that, ouais.

Though of course, you could always send us off early instead. You’ll have no shame or blame from us for passing on past, now that’s for sure. You see enough Remnants rise and fall, and it gets real easy to wonder what the point is, helping or not. And we thought we’d offer you all the out, since you haven’t gathered enough items yet to draw any one Remnant towards you… or draw anything else here, either.

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