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From Davy Jones's Locker by Rayne won the Avatar Spotlight! Many a soul has been claimed by the sea ne'er to resurface but some come back, clawing their way to shore out of the grasp of the deep searching for their living crewmates and long-lost treasure hoards.
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Event Update: New Remnant Books!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 07, 2022
My, my, my, aren't you all mighty! Clearing us out of all of our cargo so quick… It looks like you've freed up room in our hold, and just in time, too. We’ve got a lot of books to unload, and there are some fine details in there…

And who wants some pictures to go with them? Here comes Treble, moseying along with a few extra snaps to show us!

See, this must be a Kith from Cirque Faerial…

Which would make this… why, yes, I declare, that is certainly a Gallery Trappings Kith!

And finally, this is unmistakably a Kith at Rock Bottom, yes indeed!

Tiens, Treble, you certainly captured the essence of those places! Now let's not get too fussed about all the details.

Sounds like he has one more round of photos to show you all… And what a coincidence! We have one more round of boxes to unpack!

Bonne chance!

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