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Hopeless Halloween Extension

Written by Admin  Posted on October 31, 2016
I noticed a few comments from users who missed out on the majority of the Halloween weekend due to other obligations and our very short notice, so we’ve decided to extend the time limit for a full week. The Abandoned Arcade will be around until the evening of Friday, November 4th. After that, our limited-time-only items will disappear into the night until next year’s Halloween event!

I also wanted to give you all a short update on what we’re doing with the site as of late. Mobile users may notice some minor bugs getting fixed by Steph this week. Club has some very exciting item updates headed your way, including Kickstarter-designed items and apparel to be released over the next two weeks!

I’m focusing on the games again. I’ve taken down the 2nd version, since most users seem to be able to use both versions exactly the same, and I’ve pushed a fix for slow-network users so that you should be able to receive rewards even if you’re all the way on the other side of the world from our US servers. I’m chasing down that Memory bug that causes it to occasionally freeze, and hopefully I can find a fix for that in the next week or two. There’s still a couple users who have issues with Firefox blocking the game rewards because of depreciated code, and I’ll continue investigating that but other browsers should be able to play the games just fine now. As always, any problems should be reported in the Technical Support Forum with as many details as you can provide!

Thank you all again for helping us make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

Happy Halloweave!

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