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Petrichor [LOCKED]

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Petrichor [LOCKED] 11


by Rayne » November 19, 2019 08:43 PM

Last Edited: November 25, 2019 09:58 PM

(Petrichor enters from stage right, pauses center stage, and takes a bow)

Petrichor: Greetings all! I am a Nibblug, character designation Petrichor! Here with Rayne to explain how I shall help my ally Rain in saving her friends and defeating the Narrator!

Uh...thanks, Petrichor! You uh...you DO know that you don't have to read every word on the script out loud, right?

Petrichor: (whispering) I don't know what you mean. I am speaking naturally, Rain!

Right, right...Um, yes! Rayne asked me to present Petrichor for the contest. She was going to enter her first ally, Elaine but...well, Elaine is a Licorne...she's been pretty upset... Anyway, Petrichor is my newest kith, the third in my "collection" though I never planned to take on any more after my other two. We met this year during Fraycation, when I traveled with my fellow Thespians to see what the big deal about this "sun" was. Petrichor had no ally but she made fast friends with my other two kith, Storm and Typhon.

Petrichor: They threw me up, up, up into the air! Back and forth, like a beach ball. It was great fun! ...Oh, but also dangerous! One of them could have been hurt had I hit them in the face!

No, Petrichor, the problem was that you could have--well, I guess not, since we know you don't have any bones now. After Fraycation ended and everyone went home, they kind of just....took her home! I didn't find out until it was too late and...well, that's another story, but you can see that I panicked a little trying to learn how to take care of a kith from space.

Petrichor: Things from Hope, things from the Solarium, things from the Reef and the Stage! You went through lots of things with me trying to learn what I needed and how best to take care of me!

But in the end, we figured it out, right?

Petrichor: (fondly) Yes.

Petrichor:The things we already had at home would work just fine.

Petrichor has adapted to Stage life very well! She's perfectly at home here despite how different it is from her original home. She became part of our little family seamlessly. By the time the Gala came around she and I were inseparable.

Petrichor: Because I still had some learning to do, she kept me close the whole time. I spent a lot of time in her arms or on her shoulders, and I never left so I knew it was her I was with even though I couldn't see her face!

Unfortunately, Petrichor was the only one able to stick close. Storm and Typhon got separated from us at the party and when the Dragon rose and the Narrator showed himself, I... I ran. I was so terrified that I took off without looking for my other kith. It was Petrichor who made me go back. I'm so ashamed...

Petrichor: (to the audience) My Ally is afraid, but she's stronger than she knows. I believe in her, and that's why I'm not afraid! She has told me about the Narrator and living under his reign and I will not let it happen again! I will help her reunite with my siblings and together we'll stand up against him and the Dragon, and we'll help her be the knight Princess Celariel knew she could be!

And how will you do that, my little Lucky?

Petrichor: (enthusiastically) Encouragement! And hugs! And lots of nose-rubbies!

Uh, no, I meant how are you going to help me defeat the Narrator?

Petrichor: Oh. Well...we'll rely on our friends, I guess! You're strong, but you can't face him alone. Your resolve crumbles. But if you stand with others and lend your strength to them, then together we can all bring an end to this. That's my hope, anyway.

Thanks, Petrichor...when you say it, I almost believe it. ....Say, who's hosting this contest again?

These are some panels of a short comic series featuring Petrichor in action helping her ally the Rain gain her courage to face the Narrator again! Each panel links to the page it is from:

TW has permission to share this on social media!
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Re: Petrichor

by Ruevian » November 20, 2019 11:18 AM

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Re: Petrichor

by Rayne » November 20, 2019 07:03 PM

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Re: Petrichor

by Iris » November 21, 2019 02:12 PM


My goodness, what an inspiring series of comics! Petrichor, it's quite clear that you understand what it means to support your Ally through even the darkest of moments. The Rain is very lucky to have you by her side in this moment of crisis.
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