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Tattered World History: 2023


January 2023: Rock Bottom Snarls!

New Snarls found their way into Hope! In the wake of the Lucky Venture leaving, new Snarls from the previewed Rock Bottom remnant have arrived in the Tattered Tides arena.

February 2023: Palentines and new Limited Kith

February included Tattered World's annual Palentine's celebration, this time with some courier-inspired lovebug items and a new limited-time Kith, Couribon! New clothing flooded the Palentines shop, and some of the NPCs dressed up for the occasion! Hope and Colosseum shopkeepers also sold Palentine Candy Hearts which could be traded for previous year Palentines selection items in Estella's Exchange.

March 2023: Snowglobe Secrets

March brought the release of Snowglobe secret quests, beginning with Shimerjoy!Any user who reached devoted status with a Snowglobe NPC could unlock their Secret quest and discover more about these characters.

April 2023: SpringTide Returns!

Spring tide returned, with colorful flowers popping up across the remnants as the Enchanted Forest ushered in spring, this time with past-Gala suspect Mara issuing in the holiday. Any collected Tattereflowers could be traded in for new Oakelven clothing, or opened for currency. Users could also check out the event page daily to receive this year's Springtide clothing from Dizzy and Skyler.

May 2023: Piper Pocket Pets and Cirque on the Wind

Piper prepared a special meal and presentation for her parents to show them just how much she has grown and convince them to let her ally with a Kith. She introduced her newest creation, Pocket Pets! However, the dinner did not go as well as she hoped, and S- her backpack went missing...only to transform into a new Kith called Zerrygoraff. Piper disappeared, leaving her parents and friends in a state of worry, only to reappear with her new Seeba ally, a new look, and some magic up her sleeve. Piper ran off again, but as she left Estella, Jay and Kei shrank to teeny sizes as a another new Kith, Galephants, fluttered through on wind magic to pick Piper up. Hope residents worked to figure out how to unshrink the trio, and to determine how to get to Piper. The shrunken trio discovered tiny tattered tunnels when the new Kith Jokanape scurried through, and hurried after them. Once through, Jay, Kei and Estella discovered just where Piper had run off to- Cirque Faerial! Of course they had to avoid the sharp knives of the final showstopping Cirque Kith Haxenslash, but they hurried to find Piper before it was too late.

July 2023: Discovering Cirque Faerial

Each week revealed new event quests as Jay, Kei and Estella rushed to discover what Cirque Faerial had entailed. On the wind were whispers of Piper making an 'Agreement', but what that entailed was unclear. First up was The Marvelous Mischief Mastermind, an alliterative acrobat whose grand scheme utilizing mannequins to scare the Hope trio backfired. Kei ran into the ever an accomplice, never the big villain Calypso who seemed in full support of Piper fulfilling the agreement just like she did. Jay, meanwhile, encountered the fiery cook Hotshot who was very open with supposed secrets, with connections between the Forest and Solarium and revelations about the Cataclysm. Jay, Kei and Estella finally caught a win when they managed to use Calypso's and Hotshot's discord against them- now if they can just find Piper and discover what is really happening.
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