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New Premium Items: Grandiose Wings!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 07, 2022
Ooh, Andre! GASP! Isn’t this EXCITING?! I just had to rush over and tell you ALL the details of how Shimmerjoy’s visit to Hope has been going! Since she arrived last night, I mean. Didn't I tell you? I thought I told everyone already! Keep up!

I’m so glad that sweet pea agreed to stay in my cottage! She’s been absolutely enthralled by my garden, teehee~ It warms my heart up like the brightest sunshine whenever I meet somebody else as fascinated by flowers as I am!! Why, she spent hours out there, asking all sorts of questions about the seeds and trying to memorize all their names… I had to drag her away to make sure she got something to eat!

Although I haven't been able to coax her to try any delectable vegetables yet… So far, she only wants potatoes…

But wait! I can’t get distracted! Andre, why didn't you tell me about your exciting surprise for Shimmerjoy? You know that I never would've uttered a single word about it to anybody!

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