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New Quests: Lucky Venture History

Written by Admin  Posted on October 05, 2022
Whoof, that performance on the Shadow Stage was a real doozy, huh? I reeeeally thought things were gonna go badly when they had to call intermission all of a sudden... but Witch told me that it ended well, at least, even if the play had to be cut short. And those props were SO cool!! So Witch said she’s gonna send Castwick along with all the costumes that they don't need anymore… and we can use them for Halloweave costumes when the Abandoned Arcade opens on October 11th! Are you guys getting hyped?! I’m even more psyched than usual, because we’ve got a special guest this year…

Shimmerjoy’s finally gonna be making the trek out to Hope! WOO!!! Just in time for the BEST season!!!! Sounds like she’s gonna arrive late tomorrow night. Lycus and I can’t wait to meet her, and we’ve been working hard to prep a bunch of stuff to make her feel more comfortable!

For example… it sounds like she’s got a sketchy experience with travel, ‘cause of what happened when she tried to befriend Luc and Angelique on the Lucky Venture, and instead of letting her travel with them on their boat, they just stole all her stuff and left her behind…

So I figured, what if I follow Witch’s lead and put on my author cap… and write down the story of our own encounter with the Lucky Venture! Who doesn't like sharing spooky stories in the dark during this time of year? ‘Cause I'm thinking, if Shimmerjoy hears about what happened over here, maybe she won’t feel like everything was her fault? I mean, they totally lied to us, too…

Plus, in case she gets homesick, I’ve got a bunch of fun new Achievements prepped, based on crafting and tailoring stuff from the Snow Globe! Epic, right?

Aaaaa, this is going to be SO FUN! I'm breaking out the flashlights and pillow forts!!

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