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New Premium Items: Monster Bride Set!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 06, 2022
Castwiiiick! We're supposed to be looking for some good ideas to help Piper with Halloweave, not playing hide and seek! Be careful in all those old boxes, you know how dusty this old attic is! ((Hiding~ Seeking~ Hiding~ Seeking~))

Hm... you know, we don't normally come this far into the attic by ourselves. Some of these boxes look REALLY old. Like it'd only take one good sneeze to turn them into even more dust! ((Hiding~ Seeking~ Hiding~ Sneezing~ Sneezing? Sne-sneh-ACHOO!))

Oh no! Castwick! Castwick, are you okay?! ((...okay!)) Phew! At least you're okay, but look at what you did to that box! There are costumes everywhere now! Huh... I don't recognize this Role at all - do you, Castwick? It's such a pretty dress though! Does it have a tag? ((Tag! Tag!!))

The Edgy Monster Bride's Gown... Monster Bride? I've never heard of that Role in any of the stories Grandma's told us. Oh! She must have been so pretty! Look at her jewelry - if it wasn't so big on me, I'd love to wear something like this Fog Monster Bride's Necklace. These flowers feel like they're made out of metal!

And wow! No way she could ever wear a hat with hair like this! This Black Monster Bride's Hair is taller than you are, Castwick! It's taller then even my hat! Do you think she might've been related to The Mummy? These Moonlight Monster Bride's Gloves and Moonlight Monster Bride's Leggings are a perfect fit for his look! Hm, I wonder who we could ask about her? Mr Dollmaker would probably have a death doll but I don't know what her mask looks like at all. And who even knows how long ago her story was? ((Long, long, long, long, loooooooooong agooooo!!))

What about Miss Scribe? Do you think she'd know something? She's probably read every script that was ever written on the Stage! I bet she can tell us! C'mon, Castwick, don't make that face. Just don't try and eat her quills any more and she won't scold you! ((No!))

Fine, fine! But when you get coffee grounds all stuck in your taffy don't come crying to me to pick it out. Now, help me find a fresh box so we can send these costumes to Piper! It's a little early for Halloweave in Hope, but maybe she can put the Monster Bride Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Monster Bride Badge with the other old Roles we've shared in the Headmaster's Office! Besides, who wouldn't want to wear such a pretty costume year round?

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