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New Items: Tactile Toys!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 26, 2022
Hn. It's this time of year again.

I'm sure you've taken everyone in the Snow Globe by surprise with yet another event. They seem to like celebrating over there - although thankfully, not in the same rowdy way that pirates do. Tch. It’s… nice to have a Remnant where they value having a proper order to doing things. And where the "parties" seem to involve more pancakes than pistols.

Anyway. I've been told that there's a Dweller who sometimes gets… overwhelmed by crowds and festivities - who sometimes has trouble when things don't go quite according to her plans? And… hmph.

…I can relate.

So. I thought I would create some new toys that I could send to her and to anyone else who might find this time of year to be overstimulating, with all the SWARMS of sudden plot bunnies and nonstop NOISE and CLASHING COLORS-

Ahem. Anyway. Sometimes when I'm feeling tense, I like to relax by popping this Bubble Wrap. It has a nice soothing feel between my fingers, and the noise of the bubbles… It's calming.

These Tentacle Suckers have a similar premise. Flipping them inside out over and over is a pleasant tactile experience. I’ve calibrated them with exacting standards to make sure that they’ll always turn right side out again.

When I’m tackling a particularly trying engineering problem, I often find that fidgeting with shells makes it easier to focus. So I’ve crafted these shells and pearl into a Shell Game. There is a notable sonic difference between shells that do and don’t have pearls inside.

Finally, when everything is just too overwhelming - like during the pirates’ INCESSANT CELEBRATIONS WITH CONSTANT CANNON FIRE… That's when it's nice to just enjoy the comforting weight of a Gravity Balloon.

I’ll package these all up in a seaweed wrap and send them off to her promptly. Hmm - maybe along with a note explaining what I do and don’t expect from her in return.

And I planned ahead, of course. There are plenty of extra copies in my Starboard Engineer shop, so swim down to pick them up whenever you like.

I'll be down here. Maybe with an extra seaweed wrap over my eyes.

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