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New Premium Items: Prismscapes!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 05, 2022
Aaahhh... I ought to be getting ready for this year's Prism Party Event, but it's sooo hot out... My rainbow colors are gonna melt right off if this heatwave keeps up! How's anyone supposed to enjoy my new Prism Synth Scrying Spell if they're too tired and sweaty to light up the dance floor?!

Maybe I can cool down with a breeze if I put on a Prism Dancing Scarves Overlay? Fuahh... No, it's still not enough! I gotta go higher, up into the sky where the rainy clouds can save me!

Whew, it's much nicer up here in the Prism Daystar Scrying Spell. Hello, fluffy cloud friends! Thanks for the shade! Do you think you could let go of a little rain for me, please~? Just enough to bring a rainbow to the Prism Rainbow Cloudscape Scrying Spell here!

Uh oh... Clouds, wait, I only said a little rain! All that glittery rainbow color is mixing in with the rainfall, and pouring downward into a Prism Starfall Scrying Spell! Uhhhhh... I hope that's okay... I'm not sure what this will do to gardening, with all that prismatic magic soaking into the dirt and plants... At least it's all natural coloring? Eheh... heh...

Look, a shiny distraction! You can go buy your own pretty prism and pastel backdrops in the Prismscapes Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Prismscapes Badge in the Headmaster's Office! This set comes with a few overlays in addition to the usual scrying spells, allowing for even better layering control in the wardrobe. Check out the Preview button to see what each one looks like!

...Oh! Is that a little succulent plant growing out of the dirt? How cute!

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