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Kith-shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! Everyone knows dinosaur shaped nuggets are the superior nuggets, but right now the only nuggets available on site are some boring old cheeprometz nuggets (sorry EF, I love you). Kith-shaped nuggets are the natural in-universe branch from dinosaur, so help me reach my dream of adding the superior nugget to the site!
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Code Update 7/27/22

Written by Admin  Posted on July 27, 2022
Hello everyone! We've fixed a number of minor bugs across the site, such as errors on the registration page and a couple of broken timers and glitchy pages. Most of these changes are ones you won't notice, but we had a LOT to get through!

I'm still searching for the cause of the High Score Reward and Champion Reward items being given or not given to the correct users. It's really hard to track, so I've made a new pinned thread here for anyone who notices a potential bug with the reward items. Please post those bugs in this one thread so that I can try to track everything together! I apologize to anyone who's posted about this bug in the Technical Support Forum and hasn't yet gotten a reply; I've been on vacation and working on the Gardening feature as a priority so I haven't had a chance to go through everything yet. I promise I will do my best to ensure everyone gets the correct rewards in time. Please feel free to post in this new pinned thread if you are still waiting on a correction from me regarding not receiving your reward items!

The last bit of news to share with you is that Tattered World will be attending Otakon this weekend in the Artist Alley! Please come visit us at booth AA14 to get a FREE Kith pin and say hello to Myth, Savvy, Dread, and me! You can also follow us on social media to see Otakon promo codes for free goodies on site!

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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