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I Caught a High Score THIS Big by Taiga won the Game Spotlight! You like this new game... Trash Grab is it? Oh yeah, it's fun especially once you hit the bonus round, that's where it really kicks it up a notch, not to mention all that fanse--- huh? Wait... you HAVEN'T hit the bonus round?
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New Items: Movie Candy!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 25, 2016
Let's All Get A Snack!

I've got carbonated beverages! I've got sweet frozen slushies! I've got an unnaturally large pile of popcorn from my brother down in the Lab! Man, does he get a lot of donated popcorn. We only need one last thing before we can have the ultimate movie night, Seeba. That's right, you know it, it's MORE CANDY!

I'm talking chewy Honey Tots to put in with the popcorn; sweet Spicy Mamas for when the drinks get too cold and we need to warm up; Finnish Fish to swim around in all that soda pop in our bellies. We’ve gotta get Matt & Pat candy for Dad and Iris to share, peanut butter Heebie Jeebies for Lycus ('cuz he's a creepy nut sometimes) and Mom's favorite: ALL the chocolate. One chocolate bar won’t do, oh no! She’s still kinda mad that my room smells like crayons so I’m pulling out all the stops! A White Chocolate Bar, Cookies and Cream Candy Bar, and Mint Cookies and Cream Candy Bar should give her enough of a chocolate high to forgive and forget.

Well, at least until she sees the horror movies I've picked out for tonight. MWAHAHAHA! Whatever I've got leftover from movie night I'm going to stock in my Arcade so you guys can set up your own movie nights.

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