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Winged kitty by Featherfalls won the Avatar Spotlight!
I decided to enter this month's avatar contest with a winged cat. Because everyone likes birds, and everyone likes cats, am I right?
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Battle Event Update: Trapped!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 22, 2022
Sophos: Quintina, are you quite certain about this? It is not that I am unwilling to accompany you through Autumn’s tatters to the Snow Globe, but I must caution you…

Although the fearsome Scourge was seemingly destroyed, and there is no battle currently raging in those blizzards, all we Kith have continued to sense its presence. Hence the reason that all of the Mystics have set up a temporary encampment there to patrol the mountain. And given your concerns about battle…

I know… I know! This is foolishness. I shouldn't be here - shouldn't tell - shouldn't tell -

Yet these patterns I've tailored out of Snow Globe magic fill me with a strange certainty, as if each piece of elemental clothing stitched together forms a bigger picture that I can't quite make out. There's something here, Sophos, and even if my misdeeds must be exposed… I cannot let myself be exposed… No! If lives may be at stake, then I must take that risk regardless!

I know that I may never be worthy of the Gods - I will never be… NEVER!

But… if I can worthy of my friends

I must try.

Oh - so cold! This truly is a land of Winter… My hooves sink through the snow. Yet… **cough**… This lingering smoke is unsettling…

But how strange - is that someone curled up in the snow?


But - he isn’t transformed?

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