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Palentines?? by LynnStarDragon won the Writing Spotlight! He had never heard of this Palentines stuff until coming to Hope… there was no shortage of information on what it was all about. But how did one keep it? What were the rules of celebration?
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New Items: May User Submissions and Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 31, 2022
Hey! Heyheyhey!! Everyone!! I’m so excited!!!! I was out in Robin's garden today lookin' at all the pretty flowers n' tasty foods n' I found the COOLEST THING EVER!!!

There, tucked in between the cucumbers n' the zucchini, glistenin' from a refreshin' afternoon rain was…. GASP! A POISON APPLE!!! WHAT WAS THAT DOING IN HOPE?!?!

But then I turned around n' saw Battery was in the garden helpin' collect clues on where Cabbadonia rolled off to now n' I realized that it wasn’t a poison apple… IT WAS A BLEPPER! A Poison Apple Blepper to be exact! They weren’t a dangerously invasive form of food, they were a new friend!!!

It’s funny how changin' the shape of something so normal n' comfortin' can send you for such a shock huh? I was tellin' MagpieM about it n' they introduced me to their super neat friend the Ampersand Cinis! Those shapes!! That intricate curve!!! Who knew a Cinis could hold such a pose?

But it’s not just the shape that can really trick the eye, but of course my mostest favoritest thing ever- COLOR!

I was out for a casual lil' flight n' I thought I completely lost track of time, the sky streakin' orange n' purple in the setting sun~ But it wasn’t that late at all! It wasn’t even lunch time!!! SOMEONE was hoppin' around, colorin' the sky in beautiful scintillatin' colors! Plasmafire n' their chill friend the Illusory Refractail were the ones makin' me think I skipped TWO WHOLE MEALS! RUDE! Beautiful, but RUDE!!!

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