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Tree Friend by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight!
I don't know if anyone noticed, but I'm a big fan of the dryads, so I decided to make a little bust figure of one of my tree friends, to show my devotion to them.
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Bug Fix: 10/24/16

Written by Admin  Posted on October 24, 2016

Whew! After a bit of hunting (heh heh), we were able to figure out the bugs in the Achievement system. Those should all be fixed now, but anyone who was manually given an Achievement may notice duplicates. Please let me or Club know if you have a duplicate and we will take care of that for you!

In other happy news, I believe we've resolved all the problems that users were having with being able to receive Game rewards! If you're still not receiving rewards from the games, please let me know if the TEST Game is working for you or not. Memory is still having an intermittent odd behavior, but I'll have to look into that more deeply.

Remember to please report any problems to the Technical Support Forum. Your browser version is very helpful information if we have to troubleshoot a problem. I'd also like to ask, as a favor, if you could try to replicate a problem so that I know whether it was a strange one-time little bug or whether it is reoccurring for multiple users; this also helps me to sleuth my way to the source of the problem. The more details, the better!

Thank you all again for your help and patience as we work together on making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

Other Bug Fixes


BBCode [color] button doesn’t stay applied when using double enters (whenever there is a blank line, the color code stops working) - status: fixed!

double enter no longer working to create extra spaces on posts - status: fixed!


a bunch of mobile layout changes - status: Steph is working on them this week :)

Character images on Forums look misaligned on mobile - status: fix in progress

center text not working on Kith profiles - status: investigating


Sometimes the Games don't download graphics to your computer properly. Sometimes Memory seems to freeze when resetting a level. We don't know why yet. Close the window, refresh your cache and try opening the game again to fix this problem.

The security questions dropdown has repeat questions, whoops. We've disabled the security questions on the unlock request for the time being, so you should be able to unlock your account without them.

Item names may sometimes stretch the images in your inventory, in shops, etc.

The Restock Shop timer occasionally glitches. (This will be fixed after public launch.)


Search (items and usernames) Status: on hold
User Stores Status: on hold

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