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Moth Kingdom Memorial Hoard by Moth King of Moths won the Gallery Spotlight! Precious things are not always worth their weight in gold. Sometimes all that glitters are the tears of a long lost memory. Not of sorrow, but of the strength of the mark they left behind.
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New Premium Items: Elemental Flare Badge!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 04, 2022
Nobody is in my shop… Thank the Gods, I finally have a spare moment to myself…

I must admit, if only in secret prayer, that although I am greatly sorry for the plight of those people of the Snow Globe… I am grateful to have a new source of ice magic to draw from when refilling my stocks of enchanted items.

With the Colosseum’s Mystics aiding in the increased battles outside the Globe, my stores of magical armor grow more and more limited. And this technique I’ve developed to overcome my shortcomings, drawing magic from a different source to weld the enchantments into the clothing I create… Oh, it may have allowed me to keep the secret of my inadequacy, but with no renewable magical sources, each day I risk a shameful discovery! So… my heart is pitifully glad to learn of such prevalent magic here.

If I were worthy enough to channel the powers of the Gods by myself, I would surely not be so unkind! But… it is the truth.

And… I should like to have a gift to offer Kosmas, fighting out there in the blizzards where I cannot. Seeing how conscientious they are in the Snow Globe has reminded me of all the debts I have left unpaid, to those who protect us…

Let me draw the ice magic from these crystals… Yes, as I expected, Snow Globe magic is very precise and orderly! Now I must simply weave it into this new cape that I am crafting, to offer Kosmas the increased protection of Winter as he battles -

What? It is… melting? Oh! And spinning up into Water Roiling Wings! I… I don't understand, what… What have I done wrong?

Well… perhaps it was unrealistic to expect even the most powerful of ice magic to persist, given that the Goddess of Spring has blessed us with such warm weather today? Instead, I shall use it as a source of water… After all, I was hoping to prepare an offering for Zephyr as well. I shall take a touch of this new liquid made of Snow Globe magic and combine it with the growth magic that I was using to shape these Growth Blooming Wings and Growth Blooming Hair -


I - I don't understand! Gods of Bright Seasons, how is this happening?! At the first touch of this icy Snow Globe magic, everything is… it is all…


All of my work, it's - it’s gone up in flames, becoming Fire Igniting Wings and Fire Igniting Hair- and even the ice crystals themselves are bursting into flames now, like Fire Swirling Wings and Fire Swirling Hair! What have I done?!

I - I must seize my blacksmith materials and stamp it out! Before it ignites the tent- the barracks- the mountainside itself!

Hhh…. hhh…..


The embers… h-have subsided… But… My heart still hammers…

…How could such a thing be possible? I… I have never seen one kind of elemental magic transform into another, let alone so rapidly… And it all seemed so solid and contained, up until the very instant I attempted to release just a little bit of it…

Oh, I am not worth even a moment of the Gods’ attention, if I am such a fool that I cannot understand what mistake I must have made, to cause such a disaster! And now look, so many of my wares are singed and smoldering…

How will I explain this? Painful as it is to imagine, with magic this powerful… Perhaps I should confess to someone, and confide what has occurred when-


Nnn…. Nnno, I must… I must…

I must keep this to myself.

Yes… I shall keep this to myself. I cannot risk being discovered over such a pathetic mistake. I only need to come up with an excuse for the charred tent flaps, and hide the scorched clothing. It will only be a minor deception…

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