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Splish Splash by Voldemortimer won the Avatar Spotlight! How am I so deep in the water at the shore you may be wondering? I am Still buried in sand..
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New Items: April User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 30, 2022
Hmmmmm... Voldemortimer left this key with me for our super great new friend Wind Up Mawnite but no one told me when I'm s'pposed to use it... How often are you s'pposed to wind a clockwork Kith up?? Hourly? Daily? Whenever a lil' wooden bird suddenly bursts outta their mouth n' goes 'cuckoo-cuckoo?!'?! I DUNNO WHAT I'M DOIN'!!

And now that I'm thinkin' 'bout it, Dread ALSO left me with Kith needin' special care! I gotta help Mother Hen Gemwing rotate her eggs every other hour n' I'm pretty sure at least one of those eggs keeps movin' itself around when I'm not lookin'!!

Why do I gots so many respons'bilities todayyy?? I didn' even MENTION my job makin' sure Heartwood Insector stays at the right humidity level by mistin' 'em with this nutrient spray to maintain bright blooms n' supple wood! I set 'em up by Andre's fabric steamer so they seem pretty happy, I just hope no one minds if their clothes smell a lil' extra 'organic'...

At least Kreszia11's new friend the Blue Snitten Hermithog has been really easy to look after. They just kinda settled on top ofa window sill n' haven't moved since. Uh... purr if you're still alive over there, buddy!

Phew!!!! Maybe I'm jus' a lil' antsy about Followin' Da Rules since Andre says we gotta follow 'em super extra careful with the Snow Globle welcoming us into the new upcomin' kitchen...

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