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Hangry Hangry Hoppers by ela maia won the Toy Design Spotlight! Dubiously kid friendly but ever the nostalgic charmer, I introduce you to... Hangry Hangry Hoppers! Bap the bunnies to gobble up as many pellets as you can before they run out.
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New Items: Long Sleeved

Written by Admin  Posted on October 21, 2016
Chilly Welcoming

Brrr, has anyone else been getting cold lately? Tailored Fashions can feel extra chilly at night since it’s so close to the river. I think it is time to start wearing long sleeves under my jacket. And since I am getting them out for myself, it wouldn't be very fashion forward of me to not offer them to everyone. They are all fairly basic in design but sometimes that is just want you want, either from personal aesthetic or the desire to layer.

I've got some nice soft Long Sleeve Shirts for everyone in the usual fourteen base colors. Simple, understated, and most importantly, warm without being suffocating. And if those are not quite warm enough or you want a slightly more sophisticated look, I also have Turtlenecks with a nice fitted neck. Cozy, casual, but still giving you that 'put-together' look.

For anyone who needs the extra layer of warmth I also have some smart looking Sweater Vests available. Knitting is a great way to alleviate stress and well... ever since the Kith have appeared I have been a bit more stressed than normal. Um, so much so that I also came up with a set of Knitted Sweaters too. And should you find yourself in need of a 'younger' look I also have a set of new Hoodies in all the standard colors and a special school spirit color with the university logo. Not all Kith fit in the front pocket but from my experience they’ll try anyway. Consider this a friendly warning.

Finally, I have a big, bulky Coat set that is great for these gray damp fall days we've started to get. While they are water-repellant, I wouldn't go around standing in the rain with them; they will eventually soak through. But I can promise you they are very well-tested against muddy Kith prints...

Hm, I hope I made enough of everything… there are a lot more of you now than I am used to. Well, I can always fire up the sewing machine if not. Actually, speaking of fired up, I asked Jay to deliver a rather, h-hm, beefy custom order for Kei today. I think he said they were gifts for particularly close friends of his? I hope whoever gets them enjoys them even if they are a bit silly. Don’t tell Kei, but they were rather fun to make.

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