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New Premium Items: Enchanted Forest NPC Apparel!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 05, 2022
Everyone! You've got to help me - I may have gone a liiiittle too far with this year's April Fools offerings, eehee... Turns out that the Dwellers have all sorts of hangups about the things that you say about them? Eeep! Who knew?

But don't worry, they're totally okay with it now! The Princess smoothed everything over by explaining that it's another one of our holidays, and now she's going to be introducing them to our Springtide tradition to mend ties further! They're all a-twitter in anticipation. No harm done!!

...Except that a certain grumpyfeathers General is still hopping mad at me! Thelvoskye keeps shaking the canopies with his hooting and hollering about "near misses" and "international incidents" and how he won't rest until he gets his claws on me...

So I hope he's ready for a lot of sleepless nights, because I've got the perfect plan to avoid him! EEHEEHEEE!

Why, who am I, in Othidar's Tunic, Othidar's Bracers, and Othidar's Kitchen Belt? Let me stroke my fussy Othidar's Beard while I ponder it... Bah! I must be Othidar! And so obviously I would never distribute a bunch of silly literature. Hmph! Never ever, you squiggly little tadpoles! Eeheehee...

Ooh! OOH! Or wait, I know - I'll put on some of Lenta's Mushrooms, with a Lenta's Leafy Shawl to hide my feathers... Some handy Lenta's Arms, and the perfect touch with Lenta's Hair - OUCH, splinter...

There we go! It is just - that is to say, it is me, Lenta, the royal advisor extraordinaire, who would not ever - let me rephrase: never, EVER, ever - do anything impulsive or irreverent or, I mean to say, ill-advised. Ever. For sure!

...Nope, no way I can imitate Lenta, I do NOT have that kind of vocabulary... or the patience for those speeches, eehee! And that means I should probably just go ahead and throw away this Celariel's Necklace, Celariel's Earrings, Celariel's Dress, and Celariel's Circlet, because trying to rhyme doesn't sound like a fun time - wait a minute, maybe I'm better than I thought!

Then again... eeheehee... Maybe I should stick to avoiding PUNishment... WITH PUNS... THAT I SHOUT... REALLY SLOWLY... Oooh, I see why, Alban's Leafy Shawl is really thick and heavy! Just got to adjust my Alban's Leafy Belt and Alban's Hair to go with it... No more splinters, because this time I've put on the Alban's Arms first! THERE... TRULY, THIS COSTUME IS... AT"TREE"CTIVE...

Awww, fun as that was, it isn't going to work... Alban is way taller than me! I need a stealthier costume...

I know!!! Who's better at blending into the background than Skyler? Plus, I've already got feathers! I'll just style mine up into some Skyler's Hair, tuck my wings behind my back to instead show off Skyler's Feathery Wing and Skyler's Prosthetic Wing... And she won't mind if I borrow her Skyler's Dress, right? Definitely not! But how do I use her grappling hook extension... Drat! She's so good at this, but there's no way I'll be able to figure it out to escape in time! And... EEEEP, I hear someone shouting my name...

Ooh, OOH, OOOH!!! I know! They'll never see THIS coming! I'll disguise myself... AS MYSELF!

Dizzy's Wings! Dizzy's Hair! Dizzy's Goggles! Dizzy's Dress! Clearly this is somebody else having a fun costume party, because if Dizzy wanted to hide, why would she be dressing up as herself, right? Right?!

Then again, maybe we just need to confuse them with numbers. You guys can all help me out! I'll get Piper to sneak all these costumes into Nicholas's shop! Then you can get the Enchanted Forest NPC Apparel Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Enchanted Forest NPC Apparel in his Headmaster's Office!!!

Now here comes the General - gotta take to the sky!!! Maybe I should take a leaf out of last year's tree and scare up some extra distraction in the form of some sparkly bouncy flowers...

Where did Lenta keep those potions...?

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